Photography Equipment
For those so interested

I use primarily digital and upon occasion film cameras. The digital camera of choice is the Canon 5D and 10D DSLR's along with Canon professional optics. For medium format film I use the Mamiya RB67 when required. 

I shoot almost exclusively in RAW format giving me a digital negative that provides great latitude for processing in Adobe Photoshop. 

QTVR virtual tours are shot with the Canon 5D and 15mm FE lens using a Manfrotto 303SPH pano head and 475 tripod. A 360x360 cubic panorama requires six shots around one up and one down to complete the image. I can further use multiple shots in each position to create a HDRI to extend the dynamic range of the scene.

Software includes Adobe Photoshop CS2, Realviz Stitcher Unlimited, Photomatix Pro, Pleinplot , Grasshopper and Neat Image plugins.

 Lenses include 24-70 f2.8L, 135 f2.L, 70-200 f2.8L and 15 F2.8.